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Tempe bankruptcy lawyers have become quite popular with residents of this Arizona college town in recent years.  Tempe residents have felt the impact of the declining housing market and staggering debt lately due to a current economic crisis.  In fact, many southwestern states including Arizona were the most affected by this crisis, and have seen the biggest increase in bankruptcy cases in the U.S.  Arizona had a 24% increase in filings since 2009. images-8

Many residents of Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe, Arizona found themselves with elevated debt, unemployment, and homes worth less than their original purchase price.  Because bankruptcy is a means to eliminate debt payments, filing became and remains a way for Tempe folks to restructure, reorganize, or eliminate debt, then take control of their financial future. 


Wouldn’t life seem a lot easier if you didn’t have debt?  Imagine a life free of debt, a life in which you are given a Fresh Start.  Filing bankruptcy provides you with a new beginning and the dreams of being debt free can become a reality.  All you need is the assistance of an experienced Tempe debt relief attorney and you’ll be on the path.

Our Tempe debt relief law team is intimately familiar with the financial problems you may be facing. We have assisted hundreds of people in Tempe and throughout Arizona file for debt relief under the bankruptcy code.  Our team realize the struggles and know that  Debt is one of the primary causes of stress in the Tempe.

Debt and all of the negative factors that accompany often threaten to destroy otherwise healthy family relationships. Debt collection issues can negatively impact every portion of an individual’s life, both at home and work.  Financial problems don’t go away. Take action now.

Don’t wait any longer!  Take that action today. If you are tired of paying the minimum on your credit cards, draining your retirement accounts, and having your wages garnished, it’s time for debt relief.  Speak with our Tempe bankruptcy attorneys today.


When faced with either bankruptcy, or a financial crisis, the attorneys at My AZ Lawyers have expertise in practicing Arizona Bankruptcy Law. Whether you are seeking Chapter 7 or 13 debt relief, our Mesa based bankruptcy office will help you get your finances to a manageable state. 

Start by contacting My AZ Lawyers and set an appointment FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your financial matters with an experienced attorney. 

It is important to recognize all debt, evaluate the debt, then get options for how to eliminate the debt. My AZ Lawyers has experiences in dealing with all kinds of different financial scenarios, and they are willing to hear about your situation and help you by providing options.  Clients are satisfied with the representation and services offered by our Tempe bankruptcy lawyers, because they are competent, friendly, affordable, and they lead and help clients from first initial consultation to successful post-bankruptcy practices — they communicate throughout the entire process.  

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Tempe

Tempe Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most filed form of bankruptcy in Tempe, AZ.  An Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most popular form of bankruptcy throughout the state of Arizona.  In fact, chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most popular chapter of bankruptcy throughout the United States.  Another name for ch 7 bankruptcy is a “liquidation bankruptcy” or it may be referred to as a “straight bankruptcy”.  When people discuss “filing bankruptcy” or “bankruptcy”, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the type or chapter most people think about.  Our Tempe bankruptcy lawyers can answer additional questions you may have regarding chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In order to change your life and turn it around from debt, anxiety, stress, and frustration to financial freedom, hope, feeling of achievement, and a brighter future, make a connection with the Tempe bankruptcy lawyers at My AZ Lawyers for assistance in debt services.


Tempe city founder Charles Trumbell Hayden statute is part of this Tempe Memorial.  The city of Tempe, also called Hayden’s Ferry during old territory times, is a city in Maricopa county, Arizona. On the north end of downtown Tempe is located the Haden Ferry Lakeside development. The city got its name after the Vale of Tempe in Greece.  Located in the East Valley section of Phoenix Metro, Tempe is a popular suburb of Phoenix.

250px-Tempeskyline3ASU (Arizona State University) is located in Tempe, Arizona: with an undergraduate student body of nearly 34,000, ASU is the state’s largest institution of higher learning.

Sun Devil Stadium is where the Arizona State Sun Devils play. The Arizona State University Art Museum, also in Tempe, houses rotating art exhibits.  The Arboretum at ASU contains more than 300 species of plants from the various regions of the Arizona desert. ASU Gammage Auditorium is one of the great performance venues in Tempe (also Tempe Center for the Arts).Tempe Bankruptcy Attorney

Tempe is the host city for the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim baseball team at Tempe Diablo Stadium, and has one of Arizona’s largest shopping malls, Arizona Mills. Tempe Marketplace is a large ope air mall located near Tempe Town Lake.  Originally built in 1931, Tempe Beach Park has been renovated and connects to 5 miles of bike paths circling Town Lake. Splash Playground is a 1 acre playground at Tempe Beach Park.

Tempe, Arizona and the Phoenix Metro Area

The Arizona Historical Society Museum – Marley Center in Tempe is a museum located next to the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Tempe Beach ParkGardens and over 5000 sea creatures in 30 displays can be viewed at the Sea Life Aquarium. Tempe’s Mill Avenue is home to shopping, dining, nightlife area of Tempe.

Tempe’s sister city is Skopje, Macedonia (since 1971) and most recently Cusco, Pero (2012).  Tempe has been voted 3 times as “Best Overall Sister City Program” city. 

If you are in need of debt relief or considering bankruptcy in Tempe, Arizona.  Call our Mesa bankruptcy lawyers for assistance today.

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