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Residents of Gilbert, Arizona are proud that their city has ranked in national polls as the “36th Best Place to live in the nation” and has also ranked “24th safest (municipality) in the nation”.   Also, the town’s quality as a safe community was honored, as Gilbert was named the Fifth safest community America by Business Insider (2013).  Additionally, in this Maricopa County family-friendly community, there are many great activities and amenities  to take advantage of.

Gilbert, however, has not been exempt from some of Arizona’s hardships such as the economy and unemployment and job-loss.  Sometimes life takes a serious down-slide, and if you are a resident of Gilbert and it is becoming difficult or impossible to pay your bills and unpaid debts, you may want to consider consulting with an experienced Arizona Bankruptcy Law attorney.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Unsecured Debts

There are many kinds of unsecured debts that a chapter 7 bankruptcy can alleviate.  Forms of unsecured debt include:  most medical expenses, credit card debt, and some personal loans are all common unsecured debts that can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  However, not all debts can be discharged. Unpaid child support, most student loans (with a few exceptions), and taxes within the past three years are types of debts that cannot be eliminated through a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy in Gilbert. Our Gilbert bankruptcy lawyers and staff carefully review your assets and debts to make the determination of whether this chapter can provide you with the debt relief that you seek.

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Folks in Gilbert experience hardships, as do many communities throughout the country.  In addition, it may not be an easy thing to face; looking in the face of bankruptcy is an unsettling feeling.  Taking your financial matters into your own hands and facing your debt, however, is a positive step toward financial recovery and a financial fresh start.  Your life can change just by discussing your situation with an attorney at My AZ Lawyers.  If you recognize that you need help, call (480) -833-8000  and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with a lawyer that knows about debt relief.

Gilbert Bankruptcy Attorney – My AZ Lawyers Can Help

For whatever personal reasons you are inundated with debt and need relief; you can seek advice from a Gilbert bankruptcy attorney who understands what you need in order to achieve financial recovery.  My AZ Lawyers are concerned about the Gilbert community, and will give its consumers their best advice. 

santanAs Gilbert’s population has grown, the community has grown, and evolved into
an economically stable city where one can regain prosperity and position in the community.

With the help of Gilbert Bankruptcy Lawyers such as My AZ Lawyers, Gilbert residents who may face the possibility of bankruptcy can seek help through their financial problems.

Consider enlisting the advice and legal representation of My AZ Lawyers if your are faced with overwhelming debt.  You have the opportunity to wipe out your debt and start with a clean slate.  Get a fresh start with a new life in Gilbert.

Gilbert is noted for “Small Town Feel With Big City Appeal.”

Because it is located just 20 minutes southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert offers the charm of a small, quaint community with the convenience of a metropolitan city. Though a smaller city, Gilbert, Arizona residents have the same financial difficulties as bigger cities in Arizona.  If you are a resident of Gilbert or Mesa and struggling with finances, please contact our Gilbert bankruptcy attorneys for debt relief options.

Top Golf, Mesa, Arizona

Top Golf, Mesa, Arizona


Top Golf is an attraction that golf enthusiasts of all ages enjoy. Gofers enjoy a gorgeous view as they tee off at the facility.

From farm-fresh cafes to barbecue diners to the elegant formal fine dining, Gilbert has much to offer. Gilbert averages 310 days of sunshine each year.  Because of the desirable climate, there are many outdoor activities in the city. The Riparian Institute, a 110-acre nature preserve and wetland, attracts over a million visitors.  Also Gilbert is home to Big League Dreams Sports Park and Cosmo Dog Park.

San Tan Bankruptcy Services

Additionally, SanTan Village is a premier open-air shopping complex located in Gilbert.  There is also unique shopping in Gilbert’s Heritage district. Also, our Gilbert Bankruptcy Lawyers service the San Tan area of Gilbert and Mesa.

Lastly, email My AZ Lawyers today to schedule an appointment in one of our Phoenix area or Tucson law offices.  We also offer FREE no hassle, no obligation, consultations.  As well as, affordable pricing plans.

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